Corn Cutters


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Showing all 4 results

Shape It Off

Corn cutters keep the skin on the feet looking and feeling its best. As the tool is used on the feet, it renews the skin and greatly improves overall comfort, something that is essential to maintain on the feet as it takes the weight every single day.

Our feet are sensitive, and we generally do not like foreign objects touching them. As a result, what we do use on our feet must be minimally invasive and gentle on the skin. Our range of corn cutters seek to maintain a high degree of comfort as you use them on delicate foot skin. Paired with ultra-sharp blades, the process of corn removal should be quick and painless, with little chance of damage that impacts the way you walk.

Since our corn cutters are very sharp, great care must be taken to avoid nicks on the skin. Use only on areas where corns are present. The shape of the cutter and blades should match the shape of corns, letting you cut and remove them without pain or discomfort. After removal, you should barely see signs of intervention a couple of days later. Feet should be back to normal, with normal activities resumed.