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Showing 1–28 of 63 results

Salon Grade Hook&Loop Rollers, Curlers & Rods

Hook&Loop rollers, curlers and rods are the newest investment and hair essential; the perfect method to ensure you embrace your curls.

Here’s how you can achieve the best curls in town:

To get you smooth and rolling invest in a set of large barrel rollers. After blow-drying your locks wrap sections of your hair around a roller and leave it to cool. The hair will set smoothly, reducing any flyaway.

Celebrity stylists who have styled the celeb locks claim that rollers are back in fashion.

The trend of rollers is returning where women and girls are setting their hair in them and brushing hair out to achieve more style and volume with a natural assembly which is a lot less busy – this is far preferable to trying to achieve soft waves and curls through other methods.

Hook&Loop curlers give hair curl that is less untidy and less complicated – people are trying to look more styled and polished which is easily attained by using Hook&Loop curlers, rollers and rods.