Strip Lashes


Finally The Lashes Of Your Dreams

Choose from our salon-quality strip lashes for gorgeous eyelashes every day or do something fun with dress-up style lashes for special occasions.

The best strip lashes

Some strip eyelashes are made of human hair. Others are made from synthetic materials.

Both types work equally well, provided they stick properly to the eyelid. Overly cheap, fake eyelashes may have faulty glue strips.

Generally, opt for lashes that follow the contour of your eye shape for a natural look.

How to apply

To apply artificial eyelashes, generally follow these steps:

    1. Measure the lash on your eyelid, and trim it shorter with sharp scissors if needed
    2. If your lashes came with a separate glue, apply the glue on the lash, and wait about 20 seconds for it to become more sticky
    3. Looking down and without closing your eyes, apply the lashes as low down as possible, close to your own lashes but still on the skin
    4. Press down on both ends to secure
    5. Use a little eyeliner to fill in any gaps on the lids, and apply mascara as usual

Can you wear them with eyelash extensions?

Yes. Strip lashes can be applied over lash extensions for a fuller look.

Take care to use only a small amount of adhesive. Also, remove them with care to avoid damaging the extensions.

How to choose

For a natural look, choose thin, wispy lashes. If you want to go dramatic, opt for extra fullness and length.

The best choice for small eyes are often corner lashes. These won’t have to be trimmed to the size of the eye and will still create the right effect.

Consider your skin tone or hair colour when choosing between brown, dark brown and black strip lashes.

How long do they last?

You need to reapply them every day. With practice, this takes minutes or less.

How do reusable strip lashes work?

With proper removal, storage and cleaning, most can be re-used up to three or four times.

Some – like those made of mink – are higher quality and more durable. Strip lashes designed for reuse may be worn up to 20 or so times.

Always follow the manufacturer’s removal and maintenance instructions. It’s also best to use an oil-free makeup remover. Oily products may build up on lashes and prevent them from adhering properly.

Hairhouse Warehouse offers salon-quality strip lashes online, including 100% human hair lashes, synthetic lashes, strip lash kits and a fun range of fashion lashes.