Hair Wax Lotions & Treatments


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Showing all 17 results

Professional Wax Lotions

Pre-wax lotions & treatments play an important role in the removal of unwanted body hair. The reason for this is that it removes any residue on the skin – these include surface bacteria and perspiration as well as any moisturising creams.

The benefits of wax lotions & treatments cannot be stressed sufficiently – pre-wax lotions also prevent the wax from becoming sticky and at the end of hair removal, there is less waxy residue left behind.

Our pre-wax lotions are perfumed and calm the skin preventing any harmful bacteria from entering the hair follicles.

Furthermore, our pre-wax lotions are designed to dry quickly and are safe to use prior to electrolysis.

PBS Pro After-Wax Lotion is perfect for soothing all skin types after waxing and come in calming Lavender or relaxing Tea Tree Oil options.

Preventing ingrown hairs after your treatment:

Apply After-Wax Lotion to sooth the skin right after your treatment.

A few days after your treatment exfoliate the area of the skin gently up to three times a week by using a body mitt or scrub, but don’t us a loofah as these have a tendency towards harbouring bacteria. Moisturise the waxed area.

Wax lotion for before or after waxing will ensure the entire waxing process is a pain-free and hygienic experience.