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Types of shaving cream
These days, some people prefer shaving gel over the more traditional men’s shaving cream. Shaving cream will give a better and more frothy lather while shaving gels tend to be a bit better at lubricating.

There are also shaving creams that contain different kinds of essential oils or extracts which might suit different types of skin and hair.
For example, if you have a very coarse beard, there are creams that soften the hair before shaving.

The best men’s shaving cream for sensitive skin
Shaving gels are often recommended for sensitive skin because they offer better lubrication. This can help prevent razor burn and skin irritation caused by razors.

There are also creams and gels that are formulated to hydrate and moisturise while you shave, further reducing irritation. Shaving creams that contain essential oils might also help for sensitive skin.

The best shaving cream for safety razors
Safety razors reduce irritation because they have a single blade which means your skin is not exposed to the amplified irritation caused by multiple razor edges or electric shavers.

This naturally reduces nicks, redness and ingrown hairs.
Safety razors are very sharp however, so it’s best to use a high-quality shaving cream or gel that moisturises your skin and has sufficient lubrication.

Is shaving cream better than foam?
Shaving cream is worked into a lather using a shaving brush while foam usually comes out of a can ready-to-use. This makes foam the more convenient option but shaving cream has its own advantages.

Shaving cream is considered to be better for the hair, moisturising and softening it so that it’s easier to cut.

Shaving cream also creates a better barrier between the razor and your skin which reduces irritation so they’re a lot better for sensitive skin as well.

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