Hair Colour Tools & Kits


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Showing 1–28 of 111 results

Salon Grade Hair Colour Tools & Kits

Hair colour tools & kits have been created to make the entire hair-dying and colouring process a mere walk in the park – a far easier and more user-friendly option when colouring your hair. Take your colouring to the next level by choosing from a wide selection of tint brushes to match every situation. From large and wide, to short and narrow, we have you covered.

Say goodbye to awkwardly dunking your head under the shower, or searching for the right tools to colour your hair like a pro.

Furthermore, if you have ever had your hair coloured or dyed, chances are that you have ended up with numerous smudges on the hairline, on your forehead and other awkward places where the dye seems to have a rather annoying habit of making its appearance.

Our range of Dy-Zoff Lotion and Dy-Zoff Tint Remover Pads have been created specifically for this purpose to ensure your skin is left neat and clean after you have dyed your hair; a brilliant product which is perfect for all types of skin.

Mixing bowls, tipping caps, hair colouring mixing whisks and processing caps are some of the many tools on offer that will ensure your hair is dyed to perfection.