Fringe Hair Extensions


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Showing all 3 results

The Best Clip-On Fringes Or Fringe Pieces

Hair extensions & wigs are a lot easier to maintain than natural hair and are a brilliant alternative to bad hair days. It is important to understand the type of fibre that your hair extensions are made from as this will determine how they can be treated and maintained. Synthetic fringes can enhance your look.

Clip-on fringes add an element of excitement; choose the Emma Synthetic Hair Pieces Clip-in Fringe in a range of colours or select the Emma Synthetic Hair Pieces Fringe – but think of these hair extensions as a beauty investment rather than an indulgence. These pieces have an ability to transfer an entire look as they can cover sections of the face.

Remember that synthetic weaves and fringes are usually pre-styled in a specific way and cannot always be heat-styled or styled with different hair products.

They also cannot be colour treated; that is why it is important to choose the fringe you like in the style you want before you buy and apply.

Synthetic hair works better for pre-styled pieces as they hold the style longer without having to re-style – widen your options by choosing clip-on fringes from some of the hottest fashion styles on offer.