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Showing 1–28 of 598 results

Buy Professional Hair Care Products

Your hair takes a lot of strain – and although it is all fun and games creating glamorous do’s for your party schedule or smart new corporate look, all that straightening, drying, colouring and teasing will play havoc on your locks.

These products have been designed as the perfect de-frizzer or repair tool that knows your hair. If you have dry ends, lack of moisture in your hair or love braids, there is a hair care product for every type of hair and every hair situation.

A wide range of fragrant shampoos, conditioners, heat protection products and hair care treatments will get you that sleek and elegant look or if you prefer a wild and wind-swept natural feel, the world’s your oyster as you will now be able to pick and choose innovative items for effortless hair.

Looking for organic products? we stock a range of professional organic items which are formulated to be gentle on your hair and the Earth.

Additionally, we’ve curated the best professional curly hair care products South Africa has to offer. Whatever you need, we have the solution

Take note – getting hair back to its happy place is not as difficult as you think.