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Hair Heat Protectors

Hair Heat Protection Treatments

Heat protection plays an important role when it comes to achieving modern hair styles that we love to wear in a contemporary and forward-thinking world.

Whether you choose to use hair styling tools such as tongs or wands to create wonderful natural-looking curls that last and eventually drop to become lovely waves, or anything else from 20’s hair to up-to-date glossy, bouncing do’s – if it is heat you intend using, you simply have to use heat protection to avoid ending up with a horrid, frizzy mess.

The environment also plays havoc on your tresses. While the winter months are notorious for drying out your hair, summer can be equally damaging to your locks. Air conditioners, the sun, chlorine in swimming pools, sea salt, humidity and damaging hair dryers and straighteners will all cause untold damage to your hair leaving you with big frizzy hair.

Choose innovative Agadir Argan Hair Oil Shield Intense Crème as well as the Agadir Argan Oil Hair Shield Spray Treatment which contains Heat Shock Protein and antioxidants which will automatically target the damaged areas of the hair and repair, protect, condition and hydrate the hair, offering both shine and strength.

Keep your hair healthy and looking great regardless of the season and no matter what styling tool you choose to achieve your desired style with heat protection.