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Showing all 18 results

Professional Hand Treatments

You are constantly wiping, washing and putting your hands in water and this can cause your hands and nails to take a beating.

Because our skin has its own hydration network called aquaporins which distribute and channel water from one cell to the next, a limited amount of aquaporins could result in dehydration of the skin. Choose hand & skin treatments that will ensure that more aquaporins are fed into the skin for optimal moisturising effects.

If you don’t have time for a mani – either salon or otherwise, you need to choose long-lasting nail polishes in light colours that won’t show the chips and hand treatments that will protect your hands from the elements – preferably with sunscreen and other active ingredients that will rescue the appearance of your hands and protect hands from ageing brown spots.

Honey, Avocado & Cucumber and Almond are three of the delectable flavours that make up our excellent Beauty Pro Range of creams and body butters.

Alternatively, elect to use Beauty Pro Almond Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream which is made from natural ingredients to achieve soft, smooth hands.

One of winter’s most common maladies is dryness that affects hands, skin, hair and nails. But during the summer months dryness could also prove to be somewhat challenging.

Bear in mind that nothing spells elegance quite as much as well-groomed, elegant hands and perfectly manicured nails.

Everybody wishes to age gracefully – try hand treatments as a strategy to postpone ageing. Remember to protect and moisturise the skin on your entire body and not just your hands, both day and night.