Skintruth Manicure Kit, 5 Pieces


The perfect hand treatment kit that leaves your hands luxurious and healthy. Packed with orange blossom and rosemary for a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory treatment.


    • Refining Hand Scrub, 100ml
    • Hand scrub with Dead Sea salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead cells with its refining texture. Leaves hands feeling smooth and nourished.

      • Revitalising Hand Soak, 200ml
      • Prepares hands for any treatment, leaving them feeling revitalised, soft and cleansed. It also creates the optimal conditions for cuticle and nail care which makes it an ideal companion to use during polish or nail tip treatments.

        • Hand Hygiene Spray, 200ml
        • A must–have product to ensure the most effective and hygienic manicure treatment. Prepares hands for treatment by fully sanitising and killing any bacteria on the desired treatment area. The light spray quickly and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving them feeling greasy or sticky.

          • Nourishing Hand Lotion, 150ml
          • Condition and moisturises the hands, leaving skin feeling soft and supple and reviving a youthful appearance.

            • Replenishing Hand Mask, 150ml
            • Nourishes and revives the hands to transform a dull complexion to a more vibrant look with restored natural glow.

              • Kit Bag

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Skintruth Manicure Range

  • The Skintruth Manicure Range focuses on pampering manicure treatments as much as possible
  • From preparation to application, these products provide a complete sense of quality, comfort and luxury
  • A fusion of Orange Blossom and Rosemary provides the perfect balance of uplifting and restorative benefits with a moisturising and protective base



Steps for the Perfect Manicure!





Professional Skincare

Skintruth is a professional beauty range which unifies naturally-derived and scientifically-advanced ingredients to optimise skincare for an enhanced skincare experience. Every product is formulated with comfort and safety in mind. Every product is paraben, sulphate and mineral oil free.

Offering exceptional quality in every range of individually created treatments, each skincare solution has been carefully formulated with the perfect blend of specialist ingredients and essential oils. A trustworthy collection that delivers performance in all key treatment areas and a guaranteed favourite.

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