Foot Treatments


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Showing all 25 results

Professional Foot Treatments

A French Pedicure is never okay according to the beauty experts. At best it makes toenails appear longer; at worst, your toes will look like fingers.

Include Beauty Pro Sweet Honey Scrub to keep your feet in tip top condition, or try the Pedi Station Foot Masque and Pedi Station Foot Scrub if you are looking for a brilliant range of foot treatments to pamper your feet.

Foot Health

The health of toenails will be compromised if you wear badly fitting shoes, dirty socks and practice poor foot hygiene.

Furthermore, partaking in specific types of aggressive exercise such as long distance running or wearing pointed shoes for ballet, could compromise the health of your feet.

Additionally, walking in an unprotected, unclean environment could prove to be problematic and avoid unprotected contact with harmful substances – always wear slip-slops in the gym shower to avoid catching any nasty fungal infections.

Nutrient deficiencies – in particular iron, Vitamins C and B12, Folic Acid, Calcium and Zinc will impact negatively on hand, foot and nail health, an in general will result in ill health.

Pop some of the Skintruth products into your emergency toolkit and don’t forget to include foot soaks, hygiene sprays and revitalising sprays as part of the foot treatments you and your feet deserve.