Good mascara makes everything better! The perfect mascara gives outstanding volume and length, without clumping, smudging or running. Combined with a professional eyelash curler and mascara primer, it’s a game changer.

Best mascara for length and volume

The best mascara is specially formulated to coat each lash individually, darkening and lifting the lashes and adding volume to provide dramatic framing for your eyes.

Apply once for instant definition, or layer for a false lash effect. For extra volume, start with a lash primer and add multiple coats.

High-quality mascara also conditions your lashes as it coats them.

Mascara tips

A good mascara will automatically give better results than a cheap, poor-quality one. But even with a decent one, it pays to know a few tips.

How to apply for beginners

Start with a clean palette, removing any existing eye make-up. Then apply your other eye make-up – eyelid primer, eyeshadow and liner, if you plan to wear them. Now you’re ready to apply.

Expert makeup artists recommend these steps for application:

    1. Curl your lashes
      First, curl your lashes with a lash curler. Place the curler at the base of your upper lashes. Close it and hold it in place for three to four seconds.
    2. Apply eyelash primer
      Mascara primer helps separate the lashes and gives them extra volume and length. It also gives something to bind to and build on.
    3. Coat the mascara wand properly
      Unscrew the top of the tube and swirl the wand as you pull it out, to coat it evenly and remove excess from the brush. Don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube. This forces air into the tube and can make the product dry out faster, causing stickiness and clumping.
    4. Coat the upper lashes
      In front of a mirror, open your eyes properly and tilt your head slightly back. Start at the root of the lashes. Wiggle the wand slightly as you coat the lashes in long, upward strokes. Move the wand gradually and evenly.
    5. Coat the bottom lashes
      Tilt your head slightly down and use the brush to coat your bottom lashes. Move the wand down and slightly out from your face as you do this. Your movements should be shorter and a bit quicker than when coating the upper lashes. Use an ear bud or facial wipe to remove any mistakes near the lash line.
    6. Brush out any clumps
      Use a clean mascara wand or a lash comb to brush out any clumps and separate the lashes.
    7. Let dry completely and repeat
      For the best volume and length, let the first coat dry completely and then apply a second coat. Let it dry.
    8. Curl the lashes again
      Last but not least, curl your lashes a second time, for incredible definition and “lift” of your eyes.

Can you put mascara on fake lashes?

Absolutely. It’s best to apply a thin coat of mascara before attaching false lashes. Then apply to the fake lashes, following the steps above.

Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

With lash extensions, you should opt for an oil-free option. Other kinds may damage the extensions.

Does mascara damage your eyelashes?

Long-term use – especially poor quality mascara – can make eyelashes more likely to fall out. Regular eyelash curling can also weaken lashes or speed up loss of eyelashes.

The best bet is to use a good quality mascara, which conditions your lashes as you wear it. Also, be gentle as you apply and remove eye make-up.

If your lashes are becoming sparse or brittle, it’s an excellent idea to invest in an eyelash growth serum.

How to prevent smudging throughout the day

The best tips for preventing smudging are to

    • apply lash primer before putting on mascara
    • use a high-quality waterproof mascara.

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