GrandeFANATIC Fanning & Curling Mascara, 10.5g


What it is:

The key mascara formula for pushed up, fanned out and gorgeously-long lashes.

What it does:

A long-term lash-enhancing partner that enhances the natural appearance of lashes, and protects them from breaking or falling out. A peptide and natural ingredient blend keeps lashes looking and feeling soft, flexible, full and strong. Anchors the lashes to prevent the daily 1-2 lashes that are lost.


  • Curling, lifting and lengthening formula
  • Healthier, stronger and fuller looking lashes powered by Widelash™
  • The Fan-tastic Grab n’ Lift molded brush reaches every last lash
  • No smudging, clumping or flaking


Key Ingredients:

  • Widelash™: Biotin peptide makes lashes appear longer, fuller and stronger
  • Vitamin B5 (Panthenol): Fortifies for healthy lashes
  • Natural Wax Blend: The key to soft, elastic and flexible lashes


Research results:

In a consumer perception study after 28 days:

  • 100% saw longer looking lashes
  • 98% saw healthier looking lashes
  • 98% felt lashes had more volume


How to use:

Using the inner curve of brush, apply from lash base to tip, wiggling wand upwards and outwards as you go to grab and lift every last lash. Use outer curve of brush to coat bottom lashes and to gently separate and define. For an even greater fan effect, apply an extra coat to the outermost lashes.

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On account of hygiene, make-up products are non-returnable/refundable after purchase unless faulty.

More Than Just A Mascara:

Meet the latest addition to Grande Cosmetics already star-studded lash-enhancing product collection – a fanning and curling mascara with added long-term lash care and protection benefits. No more smudging, clumping or flaking to worry about.


Let’s Talk Lash Care:

At last, a mascara that does more! GrandeFANATIC is your new long-term curl friend and partner, Infused with the superstar lash care ingredient, Widelash™, a biotin peptide that helps anchor and protect the 1-2 lashes naturally lost per day. It might not seem like a lot, but over time that makes a big difference to the fullness and thickness of your lashes. This means healthier, stronger, and fuller-looking lashes over time ― and the effects show even after you’ve taken off the mascara.


Grab Every Lash:

All mascara brushes are certainly not created equal. GrandeFANATIC’s revolutionary Grab N’ Lift brush has been specially designed and molded brush to reach even the tiniest and hard-to-reach lashes for a defined, open-eyed look that lasts even after the mascara has been washed off.




While GrandeFANATIC and GrandeLASH-MD both contain lash-loving ingredients, each product has a specific place in a beauty routine. GrandeFANATIC is infused with Widelash™ to anchor lashes and promote healthier, stronger and fuller lashes over time, while also giving lashes the instant benefits of a fanning and curling mascara. GrandeLASH-MD is a clear, daily use lash serum infused with a blend of vitamins, peptides and amino acids to promote longer, thicker-looking lashes over time, and is ideal for enhancing short, thinning, brittle or damaged lashes. GrandeFANATIC has your lashes covered during the day while GrandeLASH-MD has your lashes covered at night.

GrandeFANATIC is infused with the same lash-loving ingredients as GrandeREPAIR to anchor lashes and promote healthier, stronger and fuller lashes, while also giving lashes the instant benefits of a fanning and curling mascara.

  Key Ingredients:
  • Widelash™ (Glycerin, Aqua, Panthenol, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1): A biotin peptide, blended with moisture-locking panthenols to make eyelashes appear longer, fuller and stronger. Anchors lash hair to prevent daily fallout.
  • Vitamin B5 (Panthenol): An essential ingredient for fortified, healthy lashes. Locks in moisture to protect lashes from breaking, and promotes a healthy lash sheen.
  • Natural Wax Blend: The key to soft, elastic and flexible lashes, critical for ensuring lashes grow as full and long as possible. Soft beeswax promotes volume, while harder carnauba wax extends them to their full length.

It’s time for performance cosmetics that really work. Enhance your features for real lashes and brows with safe and effective formulas.

Backed by clinical studies, Grande Cosmetics has real results for real people. Award-winning product ranges with never-before-seen results that greatly enhances any look.

Grande Cosmetics has developed an amazing reputation for achieving real results. Their products are best sellers and have achieved a 5 star rating with cosmetics giant Sephora with their products occupying permanent top 5 places in their respective categories.

Grande Cosmetic’s mission is to blend functionality and glamour to deliver real results with luxurious appeal.






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