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Showing all 19 results

Nail clippers vs. nail scissors: which tool works best for manicures?

A major feature of perfectly manicured hands is nail maintenance. Keep your nails looking great with our selection of quality nail clippers and scissors.

The obvious answer might seem to be nail clippers. They’re far more popular, and more prevalent in South African households.

However, nail scissors also have some unique advantages.

Benefits of using nail scissors

Manicure scissors provide the user with more control than clippers.

If you’re trying to achieve a desired shape – and you’re able to steer the scissors – any result is achievable.

Scissors are also less damaging to the nail.

Nail clippers crush the nail from above and below. In contrast, scissors use the length of their blades to shear along the nail, from the side.

What to look for when buying scissors

When buying nail scissors, look for these features:

      • rounded off edges
        Badly constructed tools are shaped after assembly, so the shank and joint areas will be too perfectly matched.
      • audibly smooth opening and closing
        When opened and closed, a well-crafted pair of scissors will give a gentle shearing sound rather than a rough, gravelly sound.
      • the right “feel”
        Loose scissors will rip a nail; tight scissors will dull quickly. If the blades hitch or grind together, the curve adjustment is likely off.

Benefits of using nail clippers

Nail clippers provide an easy, standard cut.

A good quality pair of clippers has sharp, precise blades that give you ample control over cuts. With good nail clippers, minimal shaping or filing is required after cutting.

Nail clippers cut along a set edge, so, while the cut is neat, it’s near impossible to customise a nail shape. But for general use and ease of access, nail clippers are a winner.

A good quality pair of nail clippers is an investment. Cheap blades can become dull after as few as four uses. So it’s worth having a great pair in your nail grooming kit.

Features of good nail clippers

The best nail clippers have these features:

      • stainless steel construction
      • a design that prevents the thumb slipping off the push-down bar
      • curved blades
      • easy to use in either hand.

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