Hair Wax, Gel & Pomade


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Showing 1–28 of 67 results

Professional Hair Styling Wax, Gel & Pomade

Hair wax, gel & pomade are brilliant hair products that will assist in getting your hair trending in any season and any style.

It makes little difference if you are aiming to make braiding a little easier, especially if you have layered hair, or you love the new comb-over which is not a replica of your grandfather’s look.

Perhaps you like a more slicked-back somewhat boyish look. If you love a clean and minimal style with super glossy finishes, you will need to use the correct hair styling products to accomplish these elegant, stylish results.

With so many new looks and key trends hot off the catwalks it is time to round up some of the top hair products to get the look you love.

You will now be able to quickly tweak your style with subtle changes and easy do-able hair tricks.

And for those that are not sure whether to cut off their locks or to leave them to grow out – before making any decisions you might regret – simply change the texture by using hair wax, gel & pomade to change your style. Select a high-gloss appearance with a wet look. To achieve this look is really easy – wet your hair and use your fingers to work hair gel through, then style strands across your forehead in a side parting for a cool version on the comb-over , or smooth it back completely – it’s as easy as one, two, three.

For those looking for organic hair pomade, make sure to check out our selection. Additionally we also have a wide range of gels and pomades specifically for curly hair.