Gel & Pomade for Curly Hair

Gel and pomade are essential products for anyone with curly hair. Our collection of professional curly hair gels will help you define your curls, provide hold, and keep frizz at bay. Use a pomade for curly hair when you want to sculpt your curls or slick them into place.

Choosing a styling product for curly hair

There are many curly hair styling products, so it’s hard to know which to use to achieve a certain look. Each styling product has its own use. But should you use gel or mousse for fine curly hair? Is a pomade only for straight hair? Get in the know below with our gel & pomade for curly hair.

Curly hair often has a mind of its own and doesn’t like to cooperate with your styling plans. Maintaining definition can be difficult, especially if humidity is an issue.

Thankfully, gel to make hair curly can really help. Gel provides hold for curls. It makes curls clump together and prevents frizz.

How to use styling gel for curly hair

To use hair gel to make your hair curly and hold the curls, follow these steps:

  • apply gel on wet hair
  • apply with an open palm
  • don’t comb through
  • lightly scrunch up hair
  • let hair dry completely
  • scrunch out the crunch.

Choosing the best gel for curls

Wondering what is the best gel to use for curly hair? We recommend aloe vera gel for curly hair. Aloe vera nourishes and strengthens hair. Try the professional products from LOMA, which also has a pomade enriched with aloe vera.

Choose a liquid gel for curly hair if you want frizz-free, moisturised curls with a natural healthy shine. A wet look gel for curly hair will give you defined curls with a glistening finish.

Pomades are usually associated with men’s hair. They’re useful for taming fly-aways, defining curls and adding volume and bounce to fine hair.

Along with styling gels and pomades, Hairhouse Warehouse offers a comprehensive range of products for curly hair, from combs to shampoos, conditioners, specialised treatments and more.

For those looking for organic gel & pomade for curly hair, make sure to check out our selection.