EMERA BLUE Styling Gel, 236ml


A flexible styling gel that provides a strong hold without stiffness and unnatural rigidness. It allows the hair to naturally flow, giving you the control of exactly how much to use, depending on the desired style and amount of hold. Easy to mold and does not cause flaking.

Can be used for many purposes. For curly hair, apply small amount to ends on damp, dry hair and finish style with a diffuser or air dry. Also good for blowouts and can be mixed with other styling products.


  • Provides medium, flexible hold all day
  • Hair won’t flake or feel sticky
  • Delivers a polished finish

Apply small amount to clean, towel-dried hair. Comb through and style. For curly hair, apply a small amount to the ends on damp, dry hair and finish style with a diffuser, or let air dry. Good for blowouts, and can be mixed with other styling products.

Blue Zone ingredients are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients to keep the hair looking and feeling healthy. In addition, Hemp Seed Oil is also a key ingredient that offers intense nourishment and protection for hair. Ideal for all hair types and safe for color-treated hair.


Pineapple, Lily & Amber Musk

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Blue Zones are a specific group of destinations around the world where people tend to enjoy long, healthy lives — some well into their hundreds! These communities are built around lifestyles and communities that promote this self-actualization. Factors include what they eat, their social networks, daily rituals, physical environments, and sense of purpose to propel them forward and give their life meaning.

Great care is placed on how their food is grown, prepared, and consumed, and the rituals behind sourcing their ingredients. This plays a large role in enriching their daily lives, and is the source of inspiration for EMERA BLUE.

Blue Zones are located all around the world. Despite radical differences in lifestyles, daily rituals and cultures, their ability to create long and healthy lives is a source of inspiration.

Blue Zones are symbols of health. People living in such areas tend to live colourful lives full of intent and purpose. This philosophy is what EMERA BLUE follows for renewed life in hair care products.


Each product is made to tackle common hair struggles.


Only ingredients abundant with vitamins and proteins that naturally nourish hair are chosen.


Formulas give hair a bright, shiny vibrancy that lasts.

The foods and ingredients commonly used in Blue Zones are the source of inspiration for all EMERA BLUE products. These ingredients have had amazing benefits for these communities for generations, and they are perfect additions for any hair care product.


costa rica

Grown in tropical sun near the Pacific Ocean, Nicoya coffee is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to nourish hair.



Full of essential fatty acids, olive oil improves moisture and health for the hair and scalp.



Commonly used during Byzantine times, Mediterranean lentisk’s astringent and antibacterial properties keep hair and scalp healthy.

EMERA BLUE still features the same quantities of Hemp Seed Oil. This miracle oil is easily absorbed by the hair and skin for maximum benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant, rich in essential fatty acids to rehabilitate hair, keep it protected from environmental exposures, and maintain its health and vibrancy.

EMERA BLUE products have undergone an extensive packaging overhaul. Sustainability and recyclability is the main focus of all forms of packaging to ensure the minimum possible environmental impact.


Only high-quality, natural, and ethically-sourced ingredients are used. Over 90% of all ingredients used in EMERA BLUE are naturally derived.


There is nothing in EMERA BLUE you wouldn’t want in or on your body. All products are free from sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial dyes, and a host of other potentially damaging ingredients.


There is no testing on animals, nor are any animal-derived products used in EMERA BLUE.

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