Nail Brushes


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Showing 1–28 of 30 results

Personalize Your Nails

For salon-quality nails, you need a good set of professional nail brushes. We offer a wide variety of nail art brush sets, singles and kits.

Nail brushes are the missing link in your nail design and maintenance regimen. They are commonly used for nail art, a form of decorating the nail surface with truly unique patterns and colours. These are incredibly soft brushes that are small enough to precisely mark small areas on the nail for art. They are also excellent for applying treatments to the nail surface.

Which ones to buy for your kit

For the perfect mani or pedi, you simply can’t compromise with your nail brush.

Whether you prefer to buy a nail brush set or a few loose brushes to make up your own kit, the following essentials should be on your list.

Acrylic nail brushes

Acrylic is not a very forgiving medium, so you need a brush to help you with precise application.

Choose firm yet flexible bristles for fine detailing. Invest in a combination of brush sizes, or a pre-assembled kit.

Gel nail brushes

If you work with gel polishes and you need a DIY nail art brush, buy a gel brush specifically designed for this purpose.

These are available in various shapes and sizes, depending on what you want to use them for. If you’re starting out, rather opt for a complete kit.

Glitter powder dotting pen

The perfect tool for any glitter application, this tool will minimize wastage and glitter spills.

3D nail art brush

An essential for your kit if you’re going to attempt delicate 3-D nail art. This type of brush is usually round. Although more expensive, the ones with 100% Kolinsky Sable hair work best.

Thin nail art brush

One of the most essential nail art brushes in your kit. You’ll use it for everything from intricate nail art to filling the crevices between the cuticle and the nail.

Hairhouse Warehouse offers a full range of professional brushes online. These are ideal for beauty professionals and home use.