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Showing 1–28 of 90 results

Comb Out With Style

There is a comb for every occasion and every type of hair – whether you love your big Afro or prefer your hair neat and sleek – the secret to achieving miraculous hair results lies solely in the tools of the trade.

Because hair combs come in all shapes and sizes offering professional hair assistance to attain wonderfully diverse results, there is no excuse whatsoever to walk around with a “do” you simply don’t adore.

Choose professional tail combs for sleek, tucked in and side parted styles or use your hair comb for sporty, androgynous looks for an elegant edge and low maintenance.

Wide-toothed combs are a brilliant option for wet hair, preventing split ends, knotting and breaking when your hair is most vulnerable.

Hair combs have been designed with your best hair day uppermost in mind; choose a hair comb that will assist in curbing frizz and split ends which is an uphill battle – choose the right comb for your specific style and type of hair. We also offer a range of combs specifically suited for curly hair.

Choose a comprehensive set from Jaguar’s A-Line for all your bases covered from A to Z, or opt for one of WetBrush’s famous detangling combs for a gentle comb experience like no other.