Hair Bands & Holders


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Showing 1–28 of 63 results

The Widest Range of Hair Bands Available

Hair bands & holders are the perfect hair accessory to keep your hair looking slick and chic. We use them for numerous activities, and to achieve a whole host of interesting styles.

Hair bands & holders come in all shapes and sizes, colours and textures, which play a role in the gym, the office, at school or on the catwalk.

Whether you are having a drink with the girls or are going from the desk to the dancefloor, hair bands are a great way to transform an ordinary office look into a party-ready one.

Use dry shampoo which will work wonders on flat hair to lift the roots to give it extra body and keep the look casual or simply go for a more slicked, glamorous appearance if you want to make a statement.

Try adding a daring necklace and a pair of glitzy earrings which will dress up that pared down look you wore to the office, beautifully.

When in doubt keep your look fresh and pretty – the quick addition of a snappy hair band will set the tone; style that is simply great and easy to put together.

Following fashion trend towards simplistic cuts, clean and almost mannish tailoring; hair trends take a turn for the unexpected – even designers such as Versace are moving towards a restrained, sleek look instead of full-blown glamour.