MKS eco

It’s about doing more.

From the very beginning, Earthly Body has been at the forefront of the sustainable and friendly haircare trend, being one of the first brands to take environmental care to the maximum possible level in their manufacturing and distribution. With all products being 100% vegan, cruelty free and only using the most sustainable and gentle ingredients possible, Marrakesh was a truly kind brand to the planet. However, that was still not enough for Earthly Body. There was still more they could do.

Introducing MKS eco, the evolution of Marrakesh. A new step in sustainability, haircare and hair health.

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Showing all 26 results

Recyclable packaging and materials have become a major focus for Earthly Body, and MKS eco was born. As a result, production and packaging have been transformed at their factory. All product packaging is now 100% recyclable. Most products now feature a glass or aluminium housing. When plastic has to be used for larger product sizes or pumps and caps, only recycled Post Consumer Resin (PCR) plastic is used, and these can be fully recycled again. This plastic has already had a previous life, and now is the home to MKS eco products. No more virgin plastic production. Earthly Body hopes you will continue the recycling process once your bottles are finished.