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Professional Acetone Treatments

Where would we be without acetone? Acetone polish remover treatments play a particularly vital role in beauty salons.

Whether you choose to have a mani or a pedi, at a salon or a home spa treatment – without acetone old nail polish simply cannot be removed for the successful application of new varnish.

Salon Fuels Acetone Nail Polish Remover with acetone will do the job brilliantly and will remove polish on toenails and finger nails professionally.

But what is acetone and is it used only for the removal of nail varnish?

Acetone is a chemical of which its chemical formula is C3H6O. Acetone is most commonly utilised as a solvent. Its main function is to dissolve other substances, one of which happens to be nail varnish.

Acetone also effectively dissolves paints, varnish, lacquers, oils, fats, wax, resin, printing inks, plastics as well as certain glues.

Acetone is also used in the manufacture of drugs, rayon, film, smokeless power, plastic as well as other substances.

During World War I, a technique of producing acetone through bacterial fermentation was established by Chaim Weizmann, (who later became the first president of Israel), to assist in the British war effort.

The numerous uses of acetone treatments play an integral role in today’s modern world of beauty.