Lip Liner


Chisel Those Lips

Lip liner has become a beauty staple in the world of cosmetics. Using it has a myriad of benefits as it greatly enhances any make-up look. It is ideal for improving the wear of lipstick, reducing colour bleeding and providing better definition to the lips with enhanced features.

Applying Lip Liner

Application can be a challenge. It is important to follow the necessary steps to get the most out of it.

1. Prepare to line the lips

It is recommended to exfoliate the lips to ensure there are no dead skin cells building up on the lips which can negatively affect application. Make sure to only gently exfoliate the lips as scrubbing or rubbing too hard can damage the skin surface.

2. Hydrate the lips

Using a lip balm pior to application is recommended to improve application to the lip. Applying a smooth line is made much easier.

3. Sharpen lip liner

Use a sharpener to sharpen the point of the lip liner. This will greatly improve precision and control to produce a precise line where desired on the lip. It also keeps the it hygienic as it removes used sections of the liner before each use.

4. Warm the liner

Before applying, it is recommended to draw lines across the back of the hand to heat up the surface of the point for a smoother application.

4. Part the lips and trace natural lip line

Stick to the natural line across lip surface for a natural appearnce. Fill in all the cracks and creases with short, light strokes for better precision.

5. Complete the look

It will depend on your desired outcome. After tracing the natural lip line, you can fill in the lips with liner and apply lipstick for a vibrant, long-lasting finish. For a more natural look, you can blend liner into the lips and then use a lip gloss.