Hair Scrunchies

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Showing all 5 results

Scrunch, Scrunch & More Scrunch!

No one can get enough of these hair accessory staples. Hair scrunchies have become one of the most used hair accessories in the world, and are known for their ability to transform a style with bright colours, fantastic patterns and their elastic ability.

Pick and choose a style that works for you. Wear scrunchies on your wrists, or creatively wrap them around your hair for a new look. The possibilities are endless! Wear them loose for the flowy, vibey look that flows to your heart’s content, or tie them into each other multiple times for a tight hold on the hair, ideal for exercising.

The magic of scrunchies is their ability to integrated into any style. Going to a more high-brow event with fancier dress requirements? A neutral-coloured scrunchie is perfect if your hair needs to be styled in a certain way. Are you going to a festival where bright colours are actively encouraged? A vivid, multi-toned scrunchie is the perfect choice in this situation. Let’s let our hair down (or up in the case of a scrunchie), and let the colours and shapes take us where they want. Let’s live a life of a scrunchie.