Claw Clip Hair Extensions

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Showing all 2 results

Beautiful Claw Clip Extensions

The question is, what length would you like to go to for great looking, and super-long locks? Today’s modern claw clip extensions can turn a short crop into a crowning glory in no time at all!

Choose from the wide range of hair extensions & wigs available such as the Emma Synthetic Fast Clip On Straight option in a variety of colours, or select the Emma Synthetic Hair Piece on Claw Clip; alternatively make your party hair a fun experience with a full range of funky festive colours on a single comb which includes hues such as mauve, pink, white, red, yellow and green amongst many others.

These extensions make it really easy to update any look by giving natural hair a lift and length and creating any style your heart desires. The great thing about these pieces is their ease of attaching and detaching. There are no intricate loops or clips on these extensions. Simply squeeze and they are on or off.

With such an array of amazing hair products hot off the catwalk, most of these looks can be achieved whether you like sleek hair, high and low ponytails, extreme side partings, messy fishtails, romantic waves, slept-in or wake-up-and-go looks.