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Shave like an Egyptian with this Excellent Range of Men’s Razors

Men’s razors have been around for centuries, although everyone shaved in Ancient Egypt – the Egyptians set a precedent with cleanliness and not only did they bathe several times a day, their strict regime consisted of shaving their bodies completely clean – men, women and children, especially the upper classes, rich and wealthy.

The reasons for this were obvious as this avoided catching lice and kept their bodies cool in a climate that was extremely hot. Designs for safety razors date back to 1762 but really caught on during the early 1820’s in Sheffield, England.

In 1847, William Henson invented the hoe-shaped razor, and in 1895 a travelling salesman by the name of King Camp Gillette came up with the idea of shaving with a user-friendly disposable double-edged blade.

Today, the razor has been created for a fuss-free, smooth shave – now you can shave like your grandpa did but with elevated efficiency using the range of excellent men’s razors.

In the 1960’s razors got electric and Gillette eventually came up with the idea of introducing stainless steel blades that proved to be tough plus they did not rust. BIC introduced the first truly disposable razors which made shaving convenient for all. In the 1970’s Gillette created a two-blade razor and soon other manufacturers were scrambling to do the same.

Today we are spoilt for choice with the wonderful variety of men’s razors, taking shaving to new heights.