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Showing 1–28 of 43 results

Men’s Hair Brushes For Today’s Modern, Foreword Thinking Man

Men’s grooming tools are important for today’s modern, foreword-thinking man. The reason for this is that men have come full circle and are taking care of themselves better than ever before. It would be an interesting exercise to take a peek into the closet of most men and see how their grooming tools compare to that of women; undoubtedly one would be pleasantly surprised to see that men’s products, cosmetics and tools are quite extensive and interesting.

Men’s hair brushes have been created to ensure that men and their hair, look their best at all times.

The Diane range of Men’s Hair Brushes has been designed for all types of hair and grooming. These excellent hair brushes are made from 100% boar hair – a top-of-the line selection for both personal and professional applications. Some men enjoy brushes without handles that have thick and sturdy boar bristles, ensuring a very deep brushing experience for that effective style.

Other men like a wet brush to achieve a more natural look – the grip has been created for men with a purpose. WetBrush has been created with IntelliFlex™ and trade bristles that boast being thin, powerful and extremely flexible. The flexibility is perfect for eliminating all tearing, pulling and tugging of the hair, resulting in a sleek look and no split ends or thinning of the hair, while providing a healthy result – a brilliant transition from wash to style.

Hair has never looked better than with this excellent range of men’s brushes.