Hair damage is extremely common, more common than you think. With the sheer number of hair treatments on offer, damage is always around the corner. Damage has a disastrous effect on the hair, making it look and feel unhealthy, and that is something that can severely affect your confidence. K18 is the modern solution to hair damage. It is the first hair care product to use biomimetics to scientifically repair all kinds of hair damage, including bleach, chemicals, heat and mechanical styling.


The more damaged the hair, the more dramatic the results.

K18 is the result of over a decade of work scanning and researching the entire human hair genome. This research led to a miracle molecule, a revolutionary discovery in human hair keratin proteins that unlocks the secret to lasting damage repair – the K18Peptide™.

K18 is the first product ever to repair hair from the inside. The K18Peptide™ carries amino acids into the hair cortex to reconnect keratin chains and re-confirm disulphide bonds to bring damaged hair back to its original healthy state. These results are permanent, something also unique about K18. Alternative hair repair brands either condition the hair, or offer lackluster repairing action, and these results are temporary, washing out and leaving damage behind.

K18 is backed by biotech, and works for all hair types, for all generations, no matter what you’ve put it through. Hair damage is universal, and now lasting repair can be too.

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