Make-Up Sponges


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Showing 1–28 of 41 results

The Perfect Sponge Goes A Long Way

Makeup sponges are arguably the most revolutionary beauty tool in the last decade and its popularity has risen exponentially with social media. Sponges are designed to flawlessly complete makeup application and blending and can come in a myriad of sizes and shapes to suit any face and skin type.

Choosing the right sponge

Picking the right size and shape sponge for specific makeup as well as skin type and area of the face is important. Whether it is large and round sponges for blending foundation on the cheeks, forehead and jaw, or small and pointed sponges for creases around the eyes, nose and mouth, there is a lot of types available.

How to use a sponge

First things first, choose the right sponge for the right area. Picking the right sponge size and shape will greatly improve the end result

It is first recommended to use a damp sponge before application. You can do this by running the sponge under water until it is completely wet and then squeezing it until excess water is removed.

It is now time to apply the foundation. It will depend how you prefer to apply the makeup. You can apply foundation using blobs with your finger, using a foundation brush with sweeping motion or with the sponge itself. When using the sponge to apply, dip the sponge in a small spot of foundation and apply to the face. Use gentle dabs and motions for the most natural result. Blend the makeup into the desired area until you achieve a flawlessly natural finish.

Once you have completed your makeup, it is recommended to give the sponge a good clean. When not using the sponge, it is recommended to store it somewhere safe such as in the packet the sponge came in or in a dedicated makeup container.

Keeping your sponge clean

Makeup sponges are prone to bacterial build-up and need to be regularly cleansed. This will also remove makeup build-up in the sponge structure and this will keep the sponge in working order for much longer. It is recommended to pair the sponge with specialized makeup cleansers but a gentle soap will work just fine. Rinse the sponge under warm water and work the soap or cleanser into the sponge. Massage the sponge gently and rinse. Leave the sponge to air dry.