Hair Loss Conditioner


Professional Hair Loss Conditioner

Hair loss conditioner is great for reconditioning hair and rejuvenating the scalp. It is a paraben-free volumising conditioner which pervades the hair, offering volume and vitality, resulting in a thicker appearance.

In many instances prescribed meds can affect hair, sometimes sparking growth or making hair resistant to relaxing or colour and in some instances anti-depressants or anti-clotting, thyroid, cholesterol, steroid and weight-loss drugs can cause hair to fall out.

There are numerous methods and a wide range of products that will tackle the issue on managing hair loss. If you think that your hair loss is a direct result, it is a good idea to see your doctor.

Your hair loss and styling:

  • Results from treatment could take a while – in the meantime be smart when styling your hair

  • Go for a cut or weave that is shoulder-length as longer hair may highlight any thinning patches

  • Layers work well with hair that has thinned out

  • Opting for a fringe to make hair appear thicker is a great idea

By making small changes in your exercise regime, diet, taking vitamins for hair and nail growth and combining these with products such as hair loss conditioner are all positive steps towards enhancing hair thickness and encouraging healthy hair growth.