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Showing 1–28 of 371 results

Buy Professional Make-Up Products in South Africa

Achieve lasting beauty by using a range of enchanting essential make-up products. Some of the best tips and tricks, trends and new products from the world of beauty include a complete range of foundations and powders or blushers to give that catwalk feel and finish to your beauty routine.

Banish redness and choose liquid concealer to expel fine lines, large pores, flaws and other imperfections; furthermore select make-up products that will assist in preventing premature ageing caused by sun.

Details make the difference – beauty products and mascaras that make your lashes lush, add colourful lipstick or lipliner to make lips look succulent and beautiful brows are all part of the beauty desk’s guilty pleasures.

Blusher, lip liner, bronzer, body shimmer, eye shadow, sponges and accessories are some of the advancements in beauty and make-up products that will inspire you to enjoy a healthy glow, brighter eyes and shinier lips.

For a perfect pout, lush lashes and eye drama, use customised shadows matched to perfection to your eye colour.

We also offer a collection of organic beauty products that come from some of the best salon-grade organic beauty brands available in South Africa. These brands are used each day by professionals around the world for their client work, making them ideal for daily routines and special occasions.