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Your Go-To For Glow

The use of blush has become incredibly popular for creating an instant youthful glow. Its use around the cheeks, forehead and jawline imparts incredible warmth to the face, transforming from pale to sun-kissed with just a few passes.

It is important to know how to use blush correctly on the face to suit your unique shape and complement your look. Choosing the right colour and texture for your skin type is also critical for making blush look its best.


Applying Blush

1. Create a good base

Before applying your bush, apply suitable foundation, concealer and bronzer before. This will create the perfect base for the blush to shine through and last as long as possible. After blush, you are free to add other makeup like eyeshadow, liner and mascara. Applying makeup in this order ensures there is a good balance and and ensures the makeup stays in place.

2. Choose your blush

Knowing what colour and shade of blush works best with your skin type will greatly enhance the end result.

For fair skin, use a baby-pink, peach or sheer plum shade for a natural finish. These colours work on fair skin as there is not too much contrast between the blush and skin colour.

For medium skin tones, use an apricot or mauve colour for warm and bold tones.

For olive skin, use a rose or bronze blush for just the right flush and warmth.

For dark skin, use raisin, brick or tangerine blush for a finish that bold without being too overwhelming.

For normal to oily skin, opt for powder blush as it leaves a matte finish that remains constant in texture throughout the day.

For dry or aging skin, opt for cream blush to provide glow and hydrate the skin at the same time.

3. Apply blush

Sweep your blush brush through blush formula, depending on its consistency. Apply blush to cheeks and blend. It is recommended to brush downwards in direction of facial hairs for a more natural finish. If you find you applied too much blush, blot away excess formula with a tissue or cloth.