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Soak Away Worries & Stress

Treat yourself and heal your skin with professional body, hand and foot soaks, foot treatment socks and a range of foot sprays.

There’s no doubt about it. Life has become more complicated, busy and confusing. The things we need to worry about during the day can get us down and it is important to find a way to soothe that stress away before it can become a real issue.

Our range of professional soaks are specially formulated to instantly soothe the body and revitalize the skin. Each product features highly concentrated and stimulating ingredients to renew the skin.

Stresses of modern life are often accumulated on the feet. Whether it is because we are running around all day or the weight of our worries pile on to the feet, this part of the body is often the first to physically show signs of stress. These soaks work to soothe the skin, joints and muscles so you can feel light on your feet again.

Home spa soaks in South Africa

Spa soaks for the hands, feet and body are designed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. Some have an exfoliating effect.

Many are also designed to rejuvenate the senses, with essential fragrances that calm, refresh and revitalise.

Foot soaks, socks and sprays: which type of foot treatment is best?

Take care of your feet with our range of affordable foot treatments in South Africa. But which types of foot products are the best?

Foot soaks

Simply soaking tired, aching feet in a basin of water soothes muscles and helps relieve any aches.

Add a soak to the water, and you’ve got a pampering pedicure treatment that can improve the health of your feet.

Foot soaks are a luxurious way to keep feet soft, moisturised and healthy.

Most professional foot soaks deodorise the feet, provide relief for cracked heels and make it easier to remove dead skin and calluses.

Benefits of a foot soak for dry skin

Benefits of foot soaks include:

  1. reduced inflammation of the feet
  2. soft, exfoliated skin
  3. reduced foot odour
  4. increased circulation

A foot soak is a naturally calming, soothing way to keep feet looking and feeling fantastic.

Foot treatment socks

Moisturising foot therapy socks have been in Japan for decades. More recently, they’ve started gaining popularity elsewhere.

These socks work by breaking down the outer layers of dead skin and kick-starting a peeling process, allowing new skin cells to form.

Why use a foot treatment sock?

Foot treatment socks have these benefits:

  1. they moisturise and rejuvenate the skin
  2. they provide 100% coverage for the feet and ankles
  3. they gently exfoliate to provide instant relief
  4. they have long-lasting effects

Foot sprays

A foot spray is a must-have in South Africa’s warm climate.

What does a foot spray do?

Foot sprays combat odours, ensuring your feet smell great. They have other functions too.

A hygiene spray cleanses the skin to protect and sanitise the treatment area and prevent infection. A post-pedicure spray invigorates and deodorises the feet. Both leave the feet feeling soft, soothed and revitalised.

For powerful anti-inflammatory effects, consider a tea tree-infused foot spray.

Foot sprays can also help cool hot feet in summer.

At Hairhouse Warehouse, we offer salon-quality home spa soaks and foot soaks. We also offer a range of face, body and foot scrubs and home spa accessories.