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Showing 1–28 of 32 results

Salon Hair Pastes & Lotions & Treatments

Spark your personality with hair pastes, lotions & creams. Now is the time to be creative, have fun, stay cool, look stylish and last but not least, go bold!

Get that super-slick tucked-in and side or centre-parted look by using one of our hair pastes & lotions & treatments.

Create a sporty, androgynous look which boasts an elegant edge and low maintenance – indeed the perfect solution for days when your locks simply won’t play ball.

Or use Dax Hair Shaper, which is brilliant for creating styles that will ensure you are always performance ready; suffice to say, the latest fashion trend reflected on many a runway is the ballerina-like bun.

The clean-cut look has gained huge all-round popularity. It is high time to forget schoolgirl-pretty; instead opt for a more modern, edgy look by separating your hair – we refer to none other than the centre parting – and the more severe the parting, the better.

Instead of hair gel, you can run hair pastes, lotions & creams through damp hair to create a glossy effect while nourishing it.

Deviate from the usual braids and Bohemian waves – instead opt for sleek and edgy using hair pastes, lotions & creams to create the look of today’s modern woman.