Hair Styling Accessories


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Showing 1–28 of 112 results

Accessorize Your Hair Styling Tools Collection

Hair styling accessories are some of those must-haves to ensure your hair ends up looking salon-perfect every time.

Stock up on hair styling accessories to ensure your locks remain funky, silky or shiny all year long regardless of the season or the occasion.

Tips and tricks are important to get your hair out of a fix, but hair styling accessories will help you get even more mileage out of your hair with even more ease.

Hair styling accessories allow you to do hair like a pro – whether you use a favourite hair tool such as the Silicone Hair Iron to create all the latest styles to work up a sleek look or curl out even the toughest textures; there is a hair styling accessory that will enable you to achieve any look you want. Keep tools protected for longer life with our large range of dryer protectors, silicone holsters, tong holders, tool pouches, heat protective mats. Forget clock-watching for all your hair treatments with our huge selection of professional quality salon timers.

Spray bottles, organisers, hair nets, ear protectors, face coverings and gloves – if you love to do hair like a pro then our range of easy products for effortless hair using our range of hair styling accessories will leave you spoilt for choice and your hair salon-perfect. Keep sensitive areas of your face clean and protected with our range of face coverings, giving you free reign to let your creativity run wild.