Brow Pomade

Let over-plucked or unruly brows be a thing of the past. Our range of brow gels, powders and pomades can help you create beautifully shaped, eye-defining brows.

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Showing all 4 results

Eyebrow gel

Brow gel is the easiest way to tame brows and make them look fuller and groomed.

The gel adheres to brow hairs, shapes them and holds them in place.

How to use clear brow gel

Groom your eyebrows with a brush or spoolie in the direction of growth, apply eyebrow powder or pencil if needed, and comb back into shape.

Apply clear brow gel in the direction of your eyebrow hairs.

Tinted brow gel

If you have fine, sparse or grey eyebrows, tinted gel builds up your brows for a thicker, bolder look.

The gel is infused with pigment that fills in your brows, dries instantly and lasts all day.

How to use tinted brow gel

Groom your eyebrows with a brush or spoolie.

Coat the gel applicator. Wipe off excess. Then brush onto eyebrows using upward strokes to shape and build.

Brow gel alternative

Eyebrow pomades, powders, pencils and stencils can all help you create the perfect brows.

Each of the product types has different pros and cons, depending on the look you want.

Eyebrow powder

Eyebrow powder is a lightweight, smudge-free product. It’s ideal for filling in sparse or uneven eyebrows and creates a soft, natural look.

Brow powders can be used individually or blended to perfect your look.

Brow pencil

Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in patchy areas.

You can also use it to draw a brow. This creates a bolder look than eyebrow powder.

Eyebrow stencils and powder

Stencils come pre-cut in the most popular brow shapes to help you create your ideal brows. Use brow powder to fill in the stencil shape.

Eyebrow pomade

Brow pomade combines a pencil, powder and wax into one easy-to-use product. It’s ideal for creating a bold, sculpted, well-defined brow.

How to fill in eyebrows with pomade

Using a small-angled eyebrow brush, start by outlining the lower part of the highbrow. Then, from the highest point of the arch, carefully draw in individual strokes of hair.

Continue to the tails, applying a moderate amount of pressure.

Then fill in the centre of the brows. Blend to give a natural finish.

Along with brow pomade and other brow-defining products, Hairhouse Warehouse offers all the tools you might need for beautiful brows, from tweezers to eyebrow and eyelash serums and treatments.

We also offer a full range of eye makeup online – including high-quality eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras.