Men's Hair Pastes, Lotions & Treatments


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Showing 1–28 of 32 results

Men’s Hair Pastes & Lotions & Treatments Save the Day

Men’s grooming has come full circle. It is no secret that men, in many instances, care more for their hair than women do.

When it comes to Matric Dance fever, the guys outdo the girls and those looking to book a spot at a salon have to fight for an appointment at all the best hairdressing salons because the guys have booked all the choice spots long before the girls even gave this aspect of the dance any thought! That is why the numerous Men’s Potion’s, Pastes & Treatments play such an integral role in any man’s grooming regime as many of these have been created to address a variety of hair challenges.

Classic Recommendations
Dax Hair Shaper
This is a versatile hair paste/cream that is perfect for creating brilliant hair styles; a product that will offer a medium hold and can be used to achieve even the impossible. Now you can easily scrunch, hold, mould, slick and style short and medium hair to perfection.
Osmo Matt Clay Extreme
Osmo Matt Clay Extreme, on the other hand, offers a long-lasting hold with natural matte appearance, which is excellent for any fly-away hair with a powerful, textured control.
Osmo Vines Vintage American Bay Rum
A tonic that will not only revitalise the scalp but will refresh your hair leaving any man with a healthy, shiny head of hair. The promise of the scent of bay leaves and cloves will have males clamouring to wash their hair at every opportunity. Say goodbye to bad hair days with Men’s Lotions, Pastes & Treatments.