EZ Wax USB Travel Heater & Cartridge Kit


USB Connection Wax Heater and 50g Wax Cartridge bundle. Heater uses USB connection for charging and is quick and hygienic. Wax heating, preparing and application has gotten a lot easier.


  • USB Connection Wax Heater
  • Quick, hygienic and simple to prepare cartridge wax. Fits 50 wax cartridges. Can be charged on a computer or outlet which simplifies the process of heating wax. Note: does not include charging cable. Minimalist design to save space and to quickly and effectively heat wax cartridges to quicken the waxing process. Fits 50g wax cartridges.

  • Tea Tree Crème Wax Roll-On Cartridge, 50g
  • Natural antiseptic properties for comfortable removal of hair from even the most sensitive areas. Lightweight cartridge that is ideal for small area touch-ups. Easy to prepare, warm and apply. Use cartridge roller at top of cartridge to effortlessly glide wax across skin surface for easy and quick application. Wax can be further spread using a spatula or wax stick to suit your needs.

Note: the minimum requirement for heating is a USB 3.0 or portable/mobile charger with 2.0A output for heating.

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