Salon Specifics Wax Cartridge, 100g


Wax cartridge with a fixed head.

Economical and effective. Use cartridge to apply wax across skin surface for easy and quick application. Wax can be further spread using a spatula or wax stick to suit your needs.

Remove wax using waxing strips. Warm using a wax heater. It is not recommended to warm in a microwave.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Removes hair as short as 1mm
  • Designed for larger areas
  • Enriched with skin conditioning extracts
  • Smooth application

Strip Waxes are ideal for larger areas due to their extremely quick method of hair removal. Strips can be immediately disposed of. Strip Wax is rolled onto skin, no spatulas required, and removed with a strip in the opposite direction. It takes approximately 20–25 minutes for the wax to reach optimal temperature.


Strip Waxes are best used for Knees, Back and Legs

  1. Using cotton wool, clean the skin with Alcohol-Free Pre Wax Lotion to remove excess oils.

  2. Apply talcum powder to lift the hairs.

  3. Test the temperature of the Strip Wax on your inner arm using the cartridge.

  4. Assess the direction of hair growth.

  5. Apply the Strip Wax with your one hand very thinly in the same direction as the hair, and support the skin with your other hand.

  6. Apply the epilating strip and bond firmly down in the same direction.

  7. Grasp the lower free end of the strip and pull quickly against hair growth, working from the ankle upwards. Support the skin with the other hand. Reapply wax as directed. The same epilating strip may be reused until it is ineffective and full of wax. Any excess wax can be removed with a strip.

  8. Calm skin with Post Wax Rose Oil or Post Wax Crème.





In 1998 – more than 20 years ago – Salon Specifics was launched by Lee-Chem Laboratories. They have spent the last 2 decades as an opportunity to continually test and improve their products to bring you the very best. With Salon Specifics being the preferred choice for the professional beauty therapist, Salon Specifics are proud to say they have created products that are truly exceptional.

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