Hairgum Dark Cover Gum Black Hair Coloring Wax Certified Organic, 80g


A styling and colouring wax combined in one product. Thanks to its vegetable charcoal base, this styling wax camouflages white and grey hairs with temporary colour, blending these hairs for a more uniform appearance. Contains 100% ingredients of natural origin certified by ECOCERT, signifying its high standard of environmental consideration.

In addition to its colouring capabilities, it texturises and disciplines hair, leaving it supple and flexible thanks to its light hold. Unlike more permanent colour, this wax is easily removed with shampoo at the end of the day.

Key ingredients:

  • Carnauba Wax: Prevents dehydration and acts as a natural thickener and hardener, giving the wax its hold. Also provides heat resistance to the hair.
  • Organic Castor Oil: Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, providing nutrients to the hair and leaving it silkier and more supple.
  • Tocopherol: Thanks to its high level of Vitamin E, hair is restored and stimulated. Damaged hair is rehabilitated and new growth is encouraged.
  • Vegetable Charcoal: Derived from carbonised bamboo under high temperatures, it acts as a natural dye for temporary hair colour. This charcoal is porous enough to be grabbed by the hair for a natural finish. Micropollutants and impurities are also captured and absorbed.
  • Organic Peppermint Oil: An antiseptic tonic used for its purifying, deodorant, refreshing and calming properties.

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The Hairgum brand has always been heavily invested in men’s hairdressing with distinctive product lines that developed a following for those who want their hair styling to have a clear identity and noteworthy history. Founded in 1989, Hairgum are pioneers in hair styling. While countless other brands fell out of the picture, Hairgum remains as one of the most identifiable and beloved choices for styling aficionados.

It was indeed Hairgum which relaunched the famous “pomade” on the French hairdressing market in 1989. Today, this kind of styling product is synonymous with every kind of barbering and personal styling around the world. The airplane brand styling is instantly recognisable for anyone remotely interested and invested in hair styling. This aviation styling represents the faced-paced lifestyle of those who use and love Hairgum – busy people who need a styling product they can use and trust every single day.

Hairgum has since expanded their product offerings. A large variety of waxes, styling oils, pastes and hair care items are available, all carrying the same undeniable identity of Hairgum. This is classic, vintage design partnered with the latest in hair styling ingredients and development. All products are researched, developed and manufactured in France, as it always has been.

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