Glamour Make-Up Lighted LED Mirror with Cosmetics Organiser, Empty


The all-in-one make-up station. This handy accessory combines the functionality of an LED mirror and cosmetics organiser in one place. No more hunting for the right make-up during sessions. Make-up is always within reach, and the LED mirror keeps shadows at bay. Mirror is separately attached to organiser.

Key features:

  • Mirror has touch function at base to turn on/off LED light and adjust brightness
  • LED light surrounds entire border for even light exposure on the face
  • Organiser base saves space and keeps all cosmetics neat for easy access
  • Mirror can be tilted up to 25 degrees
  • Mirror can rotate 360 degrees so you can use it portrait, landscape or any degree between
  • LED light is powered either by four AA batteries or included micro USB cable

Note: make-up products not included.

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Brand Beauty Pro



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