Arcaya Face Mask – Overnight Repair, 100ml


Radiantly Beautiful Skin

A creamy, luxurious, anti-wrinkle face mask that results in smooth skin in the morning after being applied the night before. This mask works during the deep sleep phase for soft, vital and well-moisturised skin. The key ingredients have a long activation time, and they need the long, regenerative process of sleep for maximum benefits. It has a sensuously creamy texture with a nourishing and cooling feel.

Features premium squalane, a saturated oil for intense hydration. Innovative peptides minimise visible signs of aging such as fine lines and firmness. The skin is supplied with all the moisture and nutrients it needs overnight. Black tea extract naturally alleviates redness and infection. Tannins in the black tea extract visibly reduce dark rings under the eyes. This mask is ideal for combination skin and skin prone to blemishes. A natural lavender fragrance calms the body and is considered a sleep aid.

Key Ingredients: almond oil, squalane, black tea extract (tannin), peptides, biotin.

How to use: apply to cleansed skin in the evenings. A hand towel can be placed over your bed pillow to protect it. Remove any residue in the morning.

Arcaya face masks feature specialised care for needy skin and offer specific solutions for specific problems. Environmental hazards, stress, UV rays, cold and heat all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectiveness, this mask produces speedy results for all skin types. Whether the skin needs purifying, cleansing, hydrating and nourishment, these masks offer spa-quality results and can be used daily.

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German cosmetics – engineered and formulated to perfection.

Simplifying skin care, Arcaya ampoules provide better, more intensive and effective skin care solutions.

Arcaya guarantees unique variety, quality and efficacy through paramedical ingredients.



German Engineering Cosmetics




Arcaya products are produced, packaged and shipped exclusively and directly in Germany to maintain absolute control.

Expertise, diligence and no compromise. That is what comes to mind when you think of German engineering. What if this method was applied to cosmetics and beauty? The result is Arcaya – beauty ampoules for every skin type imaginable.

Designed to make skin care easy, safe and effective with highly concentrated beauty solutions with active ingredients for real results for real skin issues.  



The name Arcaya is a secret – a secret of beauty

It is their vision to offer the ideal skin care routine for women and men of all ages everywhere around the world. Their products are designed as problem-solvers and are specialized solutions for targeted care.

Rapid and perfect efficacy achieved through high concentrations of active ingredients is especially important to Arcaya. Their focus is always on quality. During development and manufacturing, Arcaya work with great care and use only pure biological ingredients. Many years of experience and independent controls ensure that their high quality standard never waivers.







Only the finest quality ingredients are used.

When developing and manufacturing their products, Arcaya works with great care and only uses pure biological ingredients. Many years of experience and independent controls ensure that their high quality standard never waivers.






All of Arcaya’s formulas are free of parabens and mineral oils and are never tested on animals.

This Vegan logo is used on all their products as they are fully without animal origin ingredients.






Arcaya products are sold worldwide and comply with every possible safety regulation which proves product quality above all else.

Arcaya manufacture their products in strict accordance with regulatory standards. All products are certified, micro-biologically tested and may be sold around the globe.

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