BCL Spa Critical Repair Cream Sea Kelp & Arnica – Dry/Cracked/Callused Skin, 80ml


Critical repair cream for dry, cracked and callused skin. A paraben-free formula delivers intense moisture the skin without a greasy after-feel. Features a unique blend of oils including safflower, sunflower, jojoba and olive, known for their anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that help nourish and hydrate the skin. High in antioxidants, these oils protect the skin from free radical damage caused by environmental elements.

Simply apply to hands and add warm water to create a luxurious foam. Soak for 1-2 minutes, rinse and pat dry.

  • Instantly delivers intense moisture to dry, cracked skin without a greasy after-feel.
  • Helps relieve dry, itchy skin while nourishing and repairing the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Deeply hydrates with concentrated, natural ingredients.
  • Helps prevent cracked skin from recurring.

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This wonderful system combines Argan Oil from Morocco with nature’s purest, most highly bio-active ingredients. Powerful, natural antioxidants, rich emollients and the finest herbs and fruit extracts for a purely organic experience.

The ultimate pampering home spa treatment set that includes everything you need for a therapeutic and relaxing spa session in the comfort of your own home. Each product in set is specially formulated for quality skin care with professional ingredients.

Located in sunny Southern California, BCL products are proudly made in the USA. All product formulas are free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates and harsh preservatives. Committed to using only the best ingredients, BCL hand-select fruit and botanicals that are sustainably-sourced and certifiably-organic.

To support BLC’s “Be, Care, Love” philosophy, only the finest ingredients are used. They are chosen carefully for their benefits and effects on the mind, body and soul while taking care of the environment.



Why BCL?

At BCL, we believe that people deserve to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. We believe that wellness is achieved through self-care, which is an integral part of spa skin care. We make the highest quality spa products possible using Certified Organic Ingredients that promote unique spa experiences and powerful skin results.

Founded in 2011, BCL Spa was the first brand to offer a complete manicure and pedicure system with Certified Organic ingredients. Today, BCL Spa continues to lead the spa category with over 120 products and multiple product awards. We are the maker of the #1 selling sugar scrub in the industry, and we are the first in the industry to introduce a wax-free gel lotion and innovative rice scrub.

Located in sunny Southern California, BCL products are proudly made in the USA. We make our formulas free from sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, and harsh preservatives. Committed to using only the best ingredients, we hand select fruit and botanicals that are sustainably sourced and Certified by Stellar Certification Services.



The be.care.love philosophy

At Bio Creative Labs, our mission is to create beauty products that support our defining precept of “Be, Care, Love.” To us, “Be, Care, Love” is a lifestyle, a mantra, and a state of being. We define it in these ways:

BE – Be in the Moment. Be present. Be engaged. Be aware.
CARE – Care for yourself and others. When you take care of you, you can give more to those you love and the environment around you.
LOVE – Experience love daily, in the fullest sense of the word and all that it embodies.

To support our “Be, Care, Love” philosophy, we use only the finest ingredients as we formulate our products. We choose them carefully for their benefits and effects on the mind, body and soul. We are mindful of our impact on the world through our work and our products.



Organic Revolution

The word “organic” refers to a living organism. Organic describes living matter. In being organic, we are living. We’ve lost what living is all about in the last 50 years. We’ve immersed ourselves in today’s modern times and have forgotten ourselves. Tension. Technology. Computers. Unhealthy lifestyles. Life was a lot different 50 years ago.

Today, we spend most of our days in a waking sleep. We are not thinking about our own selves, our bodies and what we need in the present moment. Days go by in somnolence. We think and dream about what we will do in the future and forget about living truly in the moment. In short, we lose our sense of being and of being organic.

At BCL, our goal is to bring people to a higher state of awareness through our SPA experiences. To encourage people to re-create purpose for themselves and to re-energize through the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, sound. We seek to provide a happier, healthier state of consciousness with the BCL SPA Philosophy, Education and our Product Lines.


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