Arcaya screenage Repair Cream, 50ml


The ultimate blue light and pollution blocker repair cream. A repairing cream that protects and repairs the skin from fine dust, pollution particles, UV and blue light exposure, common causes for drying and compromising the skin.

Extremely effective 24-hour cream containing Edelweiss stem cells with high skin rejuvenation potential. They are also powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect DNA and structure of the skin cell from damage. Stress on the skin is eliminated to reveal a rejuvenated appearance.

Also features a key ingredients Moringa extract (from the “survival tree”) that shields the skin against particulate pollution and other harmful environmental toxins. Special active substances provides intense protection against UV rays and blue light while also reducing hyperpigmentation to create a uniform skin tone. Impurities on the surface of the skin are significantly alleviated.

Key Ingredients: edelweiss stem cell extract, moringa seed extract, butterfly bush flower extract, almond oil, sunflower oil and triple hyaluron.

How to use: apply a sufficient amount in the morning and evening after cleansing and gently massage into the skin to distribute. If needed, use a serum first.

Arcaya’s screenage range of products have been developed to offer protection for areas of the face, including the sensitive eye region, from environmental stressors, most notably from blue light, UV light and particulate pollution.

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German cosmetics – engineered and formulated to perfection.

Simplifying skin care, Arcaya ampoules provide better, more intensive and effective skin care solutions.

Arcaya guarantees unique variety, quality and efficacy through paramedical ingredients.



German Engineering Cosmetics




Arcaya products are produced, packaged and shipped exclusively and directly in Germany to maintain absolute control.

Expertise, diligence and no compromise. That is what comes to mind when you think of German engineering. What if this method was applied to cosmetics and beauty? The result is Arcaya – beauty ampoules for every skin type imaginable.

Designed to make skin care easy, safe and effective with highly concentrated beauty solutions with active ingredients for real results for real skin issues.  



The name Arcaya is a secret – a secret of beauty

It is their vision to offer the ideal skin care routine for women and men of all ages everywhere around the world. Their products are designed as problem-solvers and are specialized solutions for targeted care.

Rapid and perfect efficacy achieved through high concentrations of active ingredients is especially important to Arcaya. Their focus is always on quality. During development and manufacturing, Arcaya work with great care and use only pure biological ingredients. Many years of experience and independent controls ensure that their high quality standard never waivers.







Only the finest quality ingredients are used.

When developing and manufacturing their products, Arcaya works with great care and only uses pure biological ingredients. Many years of experience and independent controls ensure that their high quality standard never waivers.






All of Arcaya’s formulas are free of parabens and mineral oils and are never tested on animals.

This Vegan logo is used on all their products as they are fully without animal origin ingredients.






Arcaya products are sold worldwide and comply with every possible safety regulation which proves product quality above all else.

Arcaya manufacture their products in strict accordance with regulatory standards. All products are certified, micro-biologically tested and may be sold around the globe.

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