Hair Brushes for Curly Hair

Hair with natural curl and bounce needs a curly hair brush designed specifically to manage a twisty mane. The best curly hair brushes are gentle on your hair, but tough on knots. Our collection of professional hair brush types for curly hair ranges from wooden to wet, boar to bamboo curly hair brushes.

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Showing 1–28 of 39 results

The best hair brushes for curly hair in South Africa

If you’re wondering what brush to use on curly hair, professionals recommend paying closest attention to the bristles. Look for a brush that has gentle, flexible bristles to avoid tugging and breaking your curly locks.

Different brush types recommended for curls

A boar bristle wooden brush for curly hair is the softest and most gentle. If you opt for plastic or nylon bristles, choose a brush with round tips that won’t break hair.

Then consider what you want to use the brush for. This will determine the size. Bigger brushes, like paddle brushes and large round brushes, are best for blowouts. They help achieve straighter strands and add volume. Smaller brushes add body and movement.

If you want to embrace your natural curl, use a wet brush for curly hair in the bath or shower. Use with conditioner to make detangling easier and to reduce frizz. Cult favourite the WetBrush Detangler is an ideal anti-frizz brush for curly hair.

When considering a hair brush for curly hair, avoid metal-based brushes. They tend to tear through curly hair, causing breakage, and making styling and maintenance harder.

If you want to dry and style your hair at the same time, choose a hot air brush for curly hair. If you want to straighten your curly locks, try a straightening brush for curly hair from our professional collection.