Unique Brushes

See something you’ve never seen before

The brushes listed here are outliers, unique pieces that offer unique styling opportunities you may have never considered before.

Showing 1–28 of 35 results

Showing 1–28 of 35 results

Pick up something totally unique

When it comes to brushes, many of us like what we like and are not too keen on diversifying. We feel we do not have the time or effort to learn how to use something new and we’d prefer to stick to what we know and love. While that is great, there are styling opportunities out there you may be missing. These opportunities are exactly what our range of unique brushes are offering.

Every so often, a brush brand will release a brush that is totally new not seen before. These unique brushes may confuse us at first, but once we learn and understand their purpose and how to use them, a light switch goes on and we don’t get why someone has not come up with this years ago. In this category, we hope to offer you this lightbulb moment as you browse through our selection of weird and wacky brushes that just don’t fit anywhere else.