Men's Brushes

Tailored just for men

Men like their brushes just so. These brushes are specially designed to work nicely for short hairstyles.

Showing 1–28 of 33 results

Showing 1–28 of 33 results

Specialised just for men

When it comes to hair styling, the industry is forever growing and getting larger as more and more men look to create hair styles. While hair styling has always been a thing, the idea of personal care for men has grown in popularity, and men are looking for tailored brushing solutions that fit their needs. These men’s brushes are produced by leading manufacturers with the aim of providing easy brushing.

What makes men’s brushes different from others? For starters, men tend not to use radial brushes. They may use very small ones, but the vast majority of  men have hair too short for these brush types. Men tend to use paddles, palm and wave brushes as these work nicely on shorter styles. Men also tend to not use brushes in the process of drying their hair. Men like to let their hair dry naturally, so most brushes do not cater for the need to help them dry hair through tools like a hairdryer.

Brushes in this category also look more traditionally masculine. They are often made of dark materials like wood, as this projects of quality and masculinity. Pick and choose from a number of options, and open your eyes to the ever-growing possibilities of men’s hair styling.