Mini Brushes

Your new travel buddy

Brushes are great, until you don’t have one available, usually at the most crucial times. These mini brushes are your new travel companions wherever you go.

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Showing 1–28 of 29 results

Keep them wherever you go

Brushes are great. They are a lifeline for us in times of bad hair days. How many times can we recall when a simple brush has transformed our appearance and reset our self-confidence back to normal? Probably many times off the top of your head. The thing about brushes is that they are hard to have on you during the day. They are big, unwieldly and just don’t fit nicely in our daily bag. That is the beauty of our mini brushes. These brushes are true companions on your daily journeys?

Normally, you think of mini brushes as sub-standard recreations of their full-sized counterparts. That may have been true in the past, but these diminutive brushes have come a long way. Often, these brushes have just the same world-class technology as standard brushes, only now they are small enough to accompany you on the daily.