Miscellaneous Brushes

These brushes need love too!

Browse and shop the weird, quirky or other less flashy brushes that serve an equally important role in our daily styling.

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Showing all 24 results

Some less flashy brush pieces

Only a certain few kinds of brushes steal the headlines. Only certain brands command the popularity in the brush market. When you think of a brush, you probably think of the world-class radials by Olivia Garden. Perhaps you also think of the revolutionary detangling technology developed by WetBrush. However, you may or may not know that the less flashy brush types serve an equally important role for professionals and the public alike. We like to call these miscellaneous brushes.

What kind of piece belongs in the miscellaneous brushes category? The most notable mention would be neck brushes. You have undoubtedly seen these used by hairdressers and barbers to clear away hair debris from the skin or other surface to get a clear view of an area. These brushes need to be incredibly soft and dense to pick up and discharge its contents away from the source. Browse this category for more weird and quirky brushes you may not know existed!